Book Cover
Title Ten Christmas Angels
Series ---
Author ---
Illustrated By ---
Publisher Brimax Books - 1985
First Printing Pestalozzi-Verlag - 1983
Category Children
Warnings None

Main Characters


Main Elements Angels

--- NA ---

This is actually one of a series of similar books. They all start with 10 of something, in the case of this book, and as you change each page, on of the somethings will leave, counting down until there is only 1 left. There is a little poem describing what the angels are doing on each page, and explains why one leaves in each case (like one got sick, or another went to delive a gift).

My sister got several of these books, and I always thought they were kind of neat. Apparently they were originally German, and the edition we have was printed in England. I can't find them anywhere on Amazon though, so unfortunately they are out of print.

Because it was fun turning each page, seeing what the little angels (or dogs in another book) were up to and solving the mystery of why one wouldn't continue on to the next page. You also had to find the one that was leaving in the illustration. These books are really very nice, and this one in particular is just perfect for Christmas.

Posted: December 2010


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