Book Cover
Title Zombicorns
Author John Greene
Cover Art LoriDays
Publisher 2011
First Printing 2011
Book Cover
Title The War for Banks Island
Author John Greene
Cover Art Avian Anderson
Publisher 2012
First Printing 2012
Category Dystopia
Warnings None
Main Characters Mia, Caroline
Main Elements Zombies, dystopia

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Ok, I saw the cover and the title and was like, wow, zombie unicorns, how weird, I've got to give this a try.

And there are no unicorns *sadface*

The "corn" actually refers to, well, corn. You know, the plant? You make popcorn and ethanol out of it, and enjoy it on the cob? Well, at least that was equally weird so I kept reading. See, humans created a genetically modifed strain of corn that had unintended side-effects. Just as there are some parasites that take control of their hosts to further their own reproductive cycles, so anyone ingesting this corn became a slave to it, their sole desire and purpose in life to plant more of it, and to convert more normal humans into Z's to plant even more.

Frankly, I thought the concept was kind of neat, and definitely unique (I'm not much into the zombie genre so maybe I'm wrong here, but it was unique to me at least!). Now the sole human left living amongst a bunch of Z's is not new, even with my extremely limited repertoire its pretty much the basis of the zombie genre, so that was neither here nor there really.

And I had to laugh in the second story, Canada once again saves American butt! Since you can't really plant corn up in the Northwest Territories, the remaining North American survivors have settled a colony, though the Z's are pushing north just the same. This one was more interesting in the way governments will manipulate and sacrifice their own to achieve their aims. Again, nothing new but still makes you think.

Anyway, they were a free download, and short, and if not going down as gems of literature, I thought they were worth a read and a bit of reflection on how far we'd go to survive.

Posted: June 2015


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