Book Cover
Title The Lightning Thief
Author Rick Riordan
Cover Art John Rocco
Publisher Disney - Hyperion - 2006
First Printing 2005
Book Cover
Title The Sea of Monsters
Author Rick Riordan
Cover Art John Rocco
Publisher Disney - Hyperion - 2008
First Printing 2006
Book Cover
Title The Titan's Curse
Author Rick Riordan
Cover Art John Rocco
Publisher Disney - Hyperion - 2008
First Printing 2007
Book Cover
Title The Battle of the Labyrinth
Author Rick Riordan
Cover Art John Rocco
Publisher Disney - Hyperion - 2009
First Printing 2008
Book Cover
Title The Last Olympian
Author Rick Riordan
Cover Art John Rocco
Publisher Disney - Hyperion - 2011
First Printing 2009
Book Cover
Title The Demigod Files
Author Rick Riordan
Cover Art Steve James
Publisher Disney Hyperion - 2009
First Printing Disney Hyperion - 2009
Category Children/Young Adult
Warnings None
Main Characters Percy Jackson, Grover, Annabeth, Chiron, Thalia, Nico, Luke, and the Greek Gods & Monsters
Main Elements Gods, monsters
Website Rick Riordan Official Site

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I saw the movie first. Normally I would read the books first, but I didn't own them at the time when the movie came out. I enjoyed the movie, so went and got the books. Now I knew that the movie may or may not be a faithful representation of The Lightning Thief so I wasn't sure what to expect from the book.

I love the book. Now I must admit I had certain pre-conceptions because of the movie, and there are very significant differences between the two (one being Hades as the bad guy, I felt sort of sorry for the guy, just because he ended up being the god of the Underworld it didn't mean he was actually evil) but the book took a different direction. So while I kept expecting one thing to happen, in truth I never really knew how the book was going to end. At times I would think to myself, "but that's not how it goes" the remember that the book came first.

Right after that I started Sea of Monsters. Now here I had no expectations as to where the storyline would go and I enjoyed it so much more. There were scenes where I was laughing out loud, and being Canadian I wasn't sure what to make of the following quote:

"Laistrygonians. The monsters in the gym. They're a race of giant cannibals who live in the far North. Odysseus ran into them once, but I've never seen them as far south as New York before."

"Laistry - I can't even say that. What would you call them in English?"

She thought about it for a moment. "Canadians," she decided. "Now come on, we have to get out of here."

Yep, always knew we were too polite, I bet you knew we must have been hiding some sort of big secret. Now you know, so I'll have to eat you...

But that's the kind of books these are. You get the see the various gods and monsters how they might choose to appear to us in the modern day. Ares as a leather-clad biker, Poseidon in shorts and sandals, Medusa opening a statue store, satyrs running around with fake shoe to hide their hooves, Hermes' caduceus with talking snakes George and Martha. Mind you it's silly. You're not meant to learn your Greek mythology facts here, it's just fun, so I won't comment one way or the other as to whether Riordan accurately followed the legends any more than if the movie followed the book. They are well written, fun, with complex storylines, 3-dimensional characters, lots of action, lots of laughs, and just a fun way to spend an evening.

And I will say this about the conclusion of this series. You know how some series build up to the battle against the big bad guy and then you're kind of let down as to how easy the "undefeatable" was, well, defeated? (*cough* Eragon *cough*) Well, The Last Olympian was pretty much entirely about dealing with Kronos, it didn't wrap up in a couple of paragraphs as if the author just wanted to get it over and done with already. But I won't be letting you know how the prophecy finally resolves itself, you'll have to read it yourself.

I'll be reading the other two series Riordan has out now, especially the Kane Chronicles based on the Egyptian gods. There are so many mythologies out there it will be some time before Riordan runs out of inspiration! I'd love to see an Aztec or Norse based series...

June 2015

The Demigod Files is an interesting collection of random stuff, from short stories to trivia to maps. The stories are:

  • Percy Jackson and the Stolen Chariot
  • Percy Jackson and the Bronze Dragon
  • Percy Jackson and the Sword of Hades
Now it's been about three years since I read the original series, and the short stories take place before the last book, so I had to work a little place the characters in the timeline correctly. I really enjoyed the Sword of Hades, the other two were ok. The rest of the stuff in the book was kind of silly filler but would probably appeal to readers in the right age group who are super fans of the series. And the trivia and other games were pretty challenging, not just for the mythological questions (most of which I got) but for the questions that are specific to the series (many of which I could not remember, like the name of the manticore in the Titan's Curse!). Anyway, it was a fun return to the series while I wait for one of the other two that Riordan wrote to not only be finished, but to be available in paperback. Once I start reading, I don't want to have to stop and wait!

Posted: March 2012


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