Book Cover
Title Midnight Crossroad
Author Charlaine Harris
Cover Art NBC Universal Media
Publisher Ace - 2017
First Printing Ace - 2014
Book Cover
Title Day Shift
Author Charlaine Harris
Cover Art Hugh Syme
Publisher Ace - 2016
First Printing Ace - 2015
Book Cover
Title Night Shift
Author Charlaine Harris
Cover Art ---
Publisher ---
First Printing ---
Category Urban Fantasy
Warnings None
Main Characters Manfred, Fiji, Mr. Snuggles, Bobo, Joe, Chuy, The Rev, Lemuel, Olivia
Main Elements Vampires, witches, angels, shapeshifters

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I read the first two books this year because I saw there was a TV series that came out and I like to read the books before watching any shows or movies about them. In fact, if it wasn't for the TV series I wouldn't have even known about this new series set in the same world as that of the Sookie Stackhouse books (which took me till the second book to figure out when there were a couple crossover characters). Note that if you are looking for a "vampire" book, you won't really find that here, instead it's got a little of everything but no one "creature" gets the limelight so I had trouble deciding where to link this review in my various categories!

I enjoyed them very much. Just as the Sookie books started off very strong, mostly light and lots of fun, this series is starting off the same way. Manfred is an online psychic and he's looking for a quiet place to live outside the public eye, and finding Midnight he hoped to fight in...he had no idea how having a special power allowed him to fit in better than expected. In fact it took both books before I think I definitely determined exactly what everyone was underneath their normal looking exteriors.

All the characters are interesting and the plotlines are woven in with Harris' other speciality, mysteries. And then there is Mr. Snuggles, by far my favorite character...but then I've always been fond of cats and Mr. Snuggles is definitely a cat!

I didn't want to read all the books right away and run out, so I'm keeping Night Shift for next year. At this time I don't know if it's just a trilogy or if Harris intends on writing more in this world. Either way, looking forward to watching the TV show (though I find it ironic that the vampire charactar Lemuel, where so much emphasis is made on how unnaturally white he is, is played by a black man, ah well, hopefully they didn't mess with too much else)

Posted: October 2017


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