Book Cover
Title Doc Sidhe
Author Aaron Allston
Cover Art David Mattingly
Publisher Baen Book
First Printing Baen Books - 1995
Book Cover
Title Sidhe Devil
Author Aaron Allston
Cover Art ---
Publisher ---
First Printing ---
Category Fantasy
Warnings None
Main Characters Harris, Gaby, Doc, Alastair, Jean-Pierre, Noriko, Joseph
Main Elements Faery
Website ---

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When I got my eReader at the beginning of the year, I went straight to the Baen Free Library. In fact this site was one of the main reasons I wanted to get an eReader in the first place!

Working my way through the free books there, I decided I would give each of them a chance. Allston's Doc Sidhe was the first full novel and the cover was, well, not the kind of book I would normally have picked for myself. Bare chested guy, holding weird gun, standing on dragon gargoyles with lightning streaking in the background. Uh huh...but really cheezy cover aside, the story turned out far better than I'd expected.

It starts with Harris getting unintentionally sucked through a portal between worlds, and what a world he ends up in. I knew it was meant to be the Faery wold based on the title of the novel, but it was no land of Faery that I'd ever read about before. Air ships, art deco buildings, and flamboyantly dressed citizens driving old-style cars. This is no Lothlorien! It took a stereotype and turned it on it's head, and after a few chapters of wrapping my mind around it, I began to appreciate it's uniqueness.

Once again I thought I wouldn't like it because of the bizarre setting, but the characters really got to me. Harris, Jean-Pierre, Doc and the others. I found myself being drawn into this strange world and it's denizens. There's magic here, but only a few who are real practioners. There's also science here, but somewhat lagging our world. There were times when I had to put a little more effort into suspending my disbelief than I felt I should have, but overall the world was unexpectedly interesting.

This book will never go down as a literary classic, but it was a fun ride. Lots of action, some romance, more than one character with attitude and a sharp tongue (sometimes requiring the insertion of a foot in mouth), but as I mentioned before, most importantly characters you actually end up growing fond of. In fact I enjoyed it so much that now I'm left a little out of sorts. There is a sequel out there, Sidhe Devil (Sidhe of course is pronounced "She"), and it's out of print...argh! How cruel to put one book out there for free and make the second impossible to get!

Anyway, a good lesson in not judging a book by it's cover!

Posted: August 2012


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