Book Cover
Title The Last Falcon
Author Colleen Ruttan
Cover Art Colleen Ruttan
Publisher 2013
First Printing 2013
Book Cover
Title Dragon Fire
Author Colleen Ruttan
Cover Art ---
Publisher ---
First Printing ---
Category Young Adult
Warnings None
Main Characters Erynn Taylor, Adena, Krystalix
Main Elements Dragons

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Ruttan created a fascinating world. At first it seems your run of the mill sort of medieval world, and while there are mentions of dragons and elves, no one seems to be sure if they still exist anymore. That is, till a golden dragon saved the life of a fourteen year old girl named Erynn.

I really enjoyed Erynn as a heroine, she was strong and brave, but still just a girl, confused about the events happening around her, and as surprised as her best friend as to how many of those events were happening because of her!

We learn about the world through her experiences, so while we get a good feel for how the world works (to the best of her knowledge), there are a lot of mysteries left to explore. Such as why Krystalix seems intent on protecting Erynn, who her parents are, why was her father killed by a man who shows up two years later looking for her, and who can she trust? She makes mistakes, but she isn't stupid. And I love the fact that while a few characters appear to be two-dimensional villains, there are quite a few others whose motives keep you guessing.

Some of these questions will get answered in this book, while others to be continued in the next, but you're not left feeling like the author just stopped in a random place (as a few books I've read in the past have done). There is a kind of closure at the end, but enough left unresolved to make you eager for the continuation!

Posted: June 2013


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