Book Cover
Title The Singing Stone
Series ---
Author O.R. Melling
Cover Art Amy Brown
Publisher Penguin - 2004
First Printing Viking Kestrel - 1986
Category Mythology
Warnings None

Main Characters

Kay Warrick, Aherne, Amergin, Cahal, Fintain

Main Elements Celtic Mythology, Druids, Gods

Eighteen-year-old Kay Warrick, an orphan, is haunted by dreams of a past she knows nothing about. Then she receives a mysterious parcel of books containing legends of Celtic monuments and a magical singing stone. Suspecting that the key to her dreams - and possibily her past - lies in Ireland, she travels to that country.

Drawn into the world of an ancient Irish race, Kay sets out on a heroic quest to find the four lost treasures of power: the Sword, the Spear, the Cauldron, and, most important of all, the Stone of Destiny. As the Druids plot and invaders threaten, Kay is caught up in a web of adventure and romance.

I'd read The Hunter's Moon years ago and fell in love with O.R. Melling's writing. It took me years to track down a copy, hunting through used bookstores, till at last, so obsessed with finding it, I ended up unintentionally picking up two different copies! Finally, I was drawn back into an ancient world of Celtic mythology, of Druids and Sentinels and Gods. Melling's writing was as good as I had remembered from my first experience.

A tale about the Tuatha De Daanan, a race of peoples that may be more myth than reality, though no one is really sure. But while the origins of Ireland are shrouded in mystery, Melling puts forth a compelling tale of what might have been, a little bit of history mixed with a little bit of magic and don't forget a touch of romance, blended into perfection, a pure pleasure to read.

The ending was unexpected, when the truth is revealed, both of the the nature of the Tuatha De Daanan and of Kay herself. I look forward to reading more from O.R. Melling.

Posted: December 2015


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