Book Cover
Title The Seven Towers
Series ---
Author Patricia C. Wrede
Cover Art Walter Velez
Publisher Ace Fantasy Books - 1984
First Printing Ace Fantasy Books - 1984
Category Fantasy
Warnings None

Main Characters

Eltiron, Crystalorn, Ranlyn, Jermain, Vandaris, Carachel, Amberglas

Main Elements Wizards

Eltiron, Prince of Sevairn: caught in the web of his father's intrigues.
Crystalorn, Princess of Barinash: promised in marriage to a prince she's never seen.
Ranlyn, the desert rider: forced to choose between friendship and honor.
Jermain, the outlaw: exiled from court for the crime of telling the truth.
Vandaris, the soldier: who left the life of luxury to wield a sword and lead an army.
Carachel, the Wizard-King: who does not understand the awesome power he commands

Amberglas, the sorceress: who may not be quite as fuddleheaded as she seems...

Seven players in a game of deadly magic
Seven Kingdoms at the edge of destruction.
Seven Towers holding a dark and dreadful secret.

I liked it. Compared to other Wrede novels I've read lately, such as Daughter of Witches, this was much deeper with more interesting characters and a more engaging pot. There are mysteries to solve, answers to find and two important questions - who can you trust, and, does it make you evil if you use evil to do good.

To those of you who know Wrede through her Dealing with Dragons series, don't expect to find much humour in this novel. Though there are humourous moments and characters, but overall the book is of serious tone. On the other hand, Wrede has created a couple more strong female characters in this novel, one a swordswoman in the army, another a princess who has a tendency of rescuing the prince in distress.

I don't have that much more to say about the book except that I do recommend it. It doesn't take long to read and is worth a look-see.

Posted: June 2006


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