Book Cover
Title The Popples' Vacation
Series Popples
Author Peggy Kahn
Illustrated By Richard Max Kolding
Publisher Random House - 1987
First Printing Random House - 1987
Category Children
Warnings None

Main Characters

Puffball, Prize, Puffling, Party, Pancake, Puzzle, Potatoe Chip

Main Elements Anthropomorphic


The Popples! There is an innocence and sweetness to the cartoons of the 80's and the Popples were no different. They could curl up into a little call in their pouch and then pop out to play. In this story, Billy, the boy with whom they live, leaves on vacation with his family leaving the Popples alone in the house. Feeling a bit left out, the Popples decide to have their own vacation, in the house. They make popcorn and swim in the tub, play music and poke through everyone's bedrooms. But what will happen when Billy's family gets back? The Popples have made quite a mess in the meantime!

Posted: September 2011


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