Book Cover
Title Puss In Boots
Author Lucy Kincaid
Illustrated By Eric Kincaid
Publisher Brimax Books - 1980
First Printing Brimax Books - 1980
Book Cover
Title The Book of Goodnight Stories
Author Vratislav Stovicek
Illustrated By Karel Franta
Publisher Royce Publications - 1982
First Printing ---
Category Children
Warnings None
Main Characters Puss in Boots
Main Elements Anthropomorphic


The original tale was written in France by Charles Perrault. A story about a cat, who once given a pair of boots and a satchel went forth to improve his master's lot in life through cunning and deception. While the means by which he accomplishes this may not be the most reputable, including threatening to turn innocent farmers into mincemeat if they don't lie for him, at the very least he showed great loyalty to his master.

The two copies I have don't quite match the original. The second is abridged, and the first is targeted for very young readers and thus has simplified wording and sometimes speaks directly to the reader. It makes up for it with lovely illustrations, many of which I remember many years later. However I was able to find the original version on Project Gutenberg, where you can download many, if not all, of Perrault's fairy tales.

Posted: February 2011


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