Book Cover
Title Problem Puppies
Series ---
Author Justine Korman
Illustrated By Carol Bouman & Dick Codor
Publisher Western Publishing Company - 1986
First Printing ---
Category Children
Warnings None

Main Characters

Sassafras, Pumpkin, Cooler

Main Elements Anthropomorphic


This is actually my sister's book, I was never as big a fan of Pound Puppies as she was, but I still had my Lucky with his little collar with a golden bone tag. But you don't need to know who the Pound Puppies are to enjoy this book. Two dogs are brought to the pound by distraught owners. Neither owner is happy giving up their pups, but for various reasons they have to do it. So Cooler takes the two newcomers and presents them to the rest of the gang. They decide to help them find them a new home. As usual they have to avoid being caught in the act by the dogcatcher (a rather overweight, green tinged fellow with flies, understandably one would not want to be caught be him) and convince a pair of bunnies to help them out with their plans.

Based on a television show from the 80's. They don't make cool toys and shows like that anymore.

Posted: November 2010


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