Book Cover
Title The Phantom of the Opera
Series Step-Up Classic Chillers
Author Gaston Leroux, adapted by Kate McMullen
Cover Art Paul Jennis
Publisher Random House 1989
First Printing ---
Category Children/Horror
Warnings None

Main Characters

The Phantom, Christine Daaé, Viscount Raoul Chagny

Main Elements Ghosts

He has the voice of an angel.
And the face of a monster.
When he takes off his mask, people scream!
Only one person has ever loved...the Phantom of the Opera!

An adaptation of the classic horror novel, for children. Here were see the story through the eyes of the villain, only to find he was not so much the villain as the victim. The Phantom of the Opera is one of my favorite tales and this book takes the little details dropped here and there in the novel to paint the the history of the Phantom, his childhood, how he came to haunt the Opera, right up to the very end.

Posted: July 2003


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