Book Cover
Title Par ici les souris
Series Les Aventures des pouscaloufs
Author Monique Farge
Illustrated By Luis Camps
Publisher Casterman - 1978
First Printing ---
Category Children
Warnings None

Main Characters

Calouf, Pousca

Main Elements Anthropomorphic


This is a series of short stories about two feline roomates, Calouf and Pousca, who have a bit of a problem with a mouse mischief makers. It is in comic strip format and is originally French (as you can see by my edition). I don't know if it was translated into english, I couldn't find it anyway, of course it doesn't help that it is out of print.

I recall having to do a book report on "Par ici les souris" (Over here, mice) in Grade 3 for my French class, but I've always enjoyed the adventures of these two cats. For once cats are not portrayed as bad guys! If anything they are the vicitims of the mice with whom they unwillingly share their house. But in the attempts of both cats and mice to play pranks on each other, is very funny, and I found it was fun to read even a couple decades after I got out of grade 3! This is one of my favorite childhood books, too bad this book, and the other Pouscalouf adventures are out of print. Otherwise I'd recommend anyone who reads French to go out and get a copy.

Posted: December 2010


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