Book Cover
Title Paddington Abroad
Series Paddington Bear
Author Micheal Bond
Illustrated By Peggy Fortnum
Publisher Lions - 1981
First Printing William Collins Sons and Co Ltd - 1961
Category Children
Warnings None

Main Characters

Paddington Bear, Mr. & Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Bird

Main Elements Anthropomorphic

The Browns were going abroad, and Paddington considered a holiday in France was not to be taken lightly. So he packed a disguise outfit, his magic set, the Union Jack, and a map of France printed on a tea towel - just to mention the necessaries.

Paddington was in chart of the Eyetinerry, and as Mrs. Bird muttered darkly, "There's no knowing where we'll end up." (She hadn't thought of a farmer's field with a blown tyre.) But Paddington saved the day with his special French recipe - snails! And he's the only bear ever to have ridden in the famous 'Tour de France' bicycle race - and won a prize! Paddington liked 'abroad'!

Paddington Bear! I used to watch this on TV as a kid and my parents gave me one of the books in the extensive series. Now I reread it as an adult to write up this review as I must admit I didn't remember the plot of this particular book, but that way I got to enjoy it as if for the first time. Paddington has this way of getting himself into the most absurd situations, and somehow always manages to get out of them too, often through the most absurd means, leaving a trail of sticky marmalade paw prints.

I don't know, I don't think a kid has had a proper childhood if he or she has not been exposed to Paddington Bear at least in some way, whether through the TV show or through the books. They are fun, sweet and funny, and as a Canadian, it comes off very British, which simply adds to the appeal.

Posted: September 2009


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