Book Cover
Title The Night Before Christmas
Series ---
Author Clement C. Moore
Illustrated By Greg & Tim Hildebrandt
Publisher Western Publishing Company - 1981
First Printing ---
Category Children
Warnings None

Main Characters

Santa Claus

Main Elements Elves

--- NA ---

What can one say about this story, it is a classic for a reason. It's probably the only story I can recite from heart in it's entirety. So I won't comment on the story, since everyone knows it, but rather on this particular edition that I own. Obviously back in 1981 I had no idea who the Hildebrandts were, but now, as I'm almost three decades older, I know them as the artists famous for illustrating scenes from the Lord of the Rings, and that's pretty neat to have one of their books. The artwork is beautiful, its just nice to look at the pictures in this book and have some quiet Christmas music playing in the background. I recall years where my sister and I would take turns reading aloud from the book before we were allowed to open presents. I don't think anyone who celebrates Christmas should go without a copy of the book with the jolly old elf who comes to visit with his eight tiny reindeer as you sleep.

Posted: November 2010


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