Book Cover
Title Dear Dracula
Director Chad Van De Keere
Year 2012
Category Children
Warnings None

Main Characters

Sam (Nathan Gamble), Mirroe (Emilio Estevez), Dracula (Ray Liotta)

Main Elements Vampires

Dracula has a great opportunity to try his brand new skills at the neighborhood Halloween party, where he realizes that self-confidence is enough to make him as scary as he ever was.

I'm not a huge fan of movies that takes Dracula and turns him into something outright silly. Now, this movie is of course not for my age range but that doesn't usually stop me from enjoying a movie. But this one was just too silly. Dracula is all concerned that no one finds him scary anymore, that everyone is all into chainsaw masacres which as he rightly points out is just a whole lot of gore and not a lot of scare (though that applies to a fair number of vampire movies too...). And the moral of the story, that self-confidence will essentially bring your *cough* mojo back, was made so obvious it was like a mallet to the head.

There were some honestly funny moments, cliched though they were. Like when Dracula is watching a monster movie marathon with Sam and burst out in complaint that vampires do NOT "sparkle". I don't think Stephanie Meyer will ever live that one down, on the other hand, everyone keeps talking about it so she accomplished something!

The animation was quite poor, but then this is a 45 minute TV movie so one wasn't going to spend big bucks on it. I was surprised by the fact I recognized the actors' names though.

So while a younger age range might enjoy this, I decided to free up some space on my PVR.

Posted: October 2015


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