Book Cover
Title Volume 1
Author Ayuko
Publisher Viz Media - 2012
First Printing Shueisha - 2008
Book Cover
Title Volume 2
Author Ayuko
Publisher Viz Media
First Printing ---
Book Cover
Title Volume 3
Author Ayuko
Publisher Viz Media - 2013
First Printing Shueisha - 2008
Category Manga
Warnings None
Main Characters Lydia Carlton, Edgar Ashenbert, Nico, Raven, Ermine, Huxley
Main Elements Fairies

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Beautiful artwork and a lovely setting of Victorian England. Our main character is a Fairy Doctor, I'm not sure if something is lost in translation here because she's not really a doctor, she doesn't heal fairies in the sense of setting their bones or giving them medicine but rather she tries to keep humans and fairies living side by side harmoniously. I suppose that's a kind of doctor after all.

Lydia gets kidnapped twice, once by someone who seems to be most certainly a bad guy name Huxley, and then by someone a bit more complicated and seems to be both a bad and a good guy, or a good guy forced to do bad things, or a bad guy that wants to become a good guy, Edgar. Either way, as they try to unravel the riddle to find the treasure sword, Lydia and Nico are trying to unravel the people they are forced to associate with.

The first two books complete a single story arc, the third and fourth complete a related second arc.

This manga series was originally a book, and I think I might have liked to have read that more since this manga is so short it's a bit jumpy and I feel like everything is crammed in together a bit much. But overall it was quite enjoyable, especially in the second story arc which felt a little less rushed allowing the mystery to build up.

Posted: February 2018


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