Book Cover
Title Volume 1
Author Amy Kim Ganter
Publisher Tokyopop - 2006
First Printing ---
Book Cover
Title Volume 2
Author Amy Kim Ganter
Publisher Tokyopop - 2007
First Printing ---
Category Manga
Warnings None
Main Characters Nicole, Josh, Ellon, Sonneth
Main Elements Wizards, gods

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This is really a romantic comedy manga, not a fantasy, but I thought it was so cute that I still wanted to review it, even if the "fantasy" was just the story that Nicole was writing in her dream diary.

This is the story of Nicole, a young who wants nothing more than to be able to write down the dreams she has, and to lose herself in books of fairy tales. Even though her best friend thinks she needs to grow up and stop all that silly stuff, and her mom wants her to finish university so she can join the family business. And throw into that mix an old neighbour, Josh, who really has a thing for Nicole, and she really has a thing for him, but he's an outrageous flirt and Nicole has no way of knowing whether he means what he says or not. Plus, spending time with Josh means spending less time with Ellon, her wizard protagonist who still needs to retrieve the half a soul that his familar Sonneth stole from him.

Posted: February 2018


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