Book Cover
Title Misty the Mermaid in the Song of the Whale
Series Misty the Mermaid
Author Christopher Brown
Illustrated By Tom Kinarney
Publisher Antioch Publishing Company - 1985
First Printing Antioch Publishing Company - 1985
Category Children
Warnings None

Main Characters

Misty, Gilly, Kip

Main Elements Mermaids

--- NA ---

As I was cleaning out a box I discovered this book I loved as a kid. I didn't like Misty much, I sort of agreed with Kip that she spent too much time looking at her own reflection (I never liked dolls or other human-like toys, I prefered my ponies and stuffed animals, that preference probably spilled over into my preferences for book characters). But I liked the story overall. Plus it came with a sticker (apparently removed, no idea what I did with that). This is a book that came out about the same time as Whisper the Winged Unicorn and brings back some fond memories.

In this adventure (I have discovered that Misty had had a couple more) Misty sets out to "distract" some whalers and save a pod of signing whales. It's actually pretty funny how the harpooners fall over each other as they strive to catch the mermaid, especially reading it now as an adult.

Kinarney's artwork is beautiful, I'm enjoying just looking at the pictures again.

Posted: November 2011


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