Book Cover
Title Million Dollar Duck
Series ---
Author Vic Crume
Cover Art ---
Publisher Scholastic - 1971
First Printing Scholastic - 1971
Category Science Fiction
Warnings None

Main Characters

Charley, Albert Dooley, Jimmie Dooley

Main Elements Science Fiction

"Charlie! Charlie!" Professor Albert Dooley groans. "Where are you? Which are you?"

If Dooley doesn't find Charley, he'll be in real trouble.

Charley is one duck in a million, and, what's more, a million-dollar duck!

Based on the wildly funny movie from Walt Disney Productions.

Well, what can one say about a book based on a movie, I've yet to read one that was actually any good and wasn't just a kind of scene by scene summary of the movie. And this book is no different. But since I hadn't seen the movie in many, many years, it was kind of fun. The story is kind of ridiculous. A duck get irradiated accidentally, and suddenly starts laying golden eggs. The duck is given to Professor Dooley's son, Jimmy as a pet, since they can't afford to get a dog. But when they discover that every time a dog barks Charlie will lay a golden egg, well in classic Disney mayhem, chaos ensues. Especially when their neighbourhood tax man gets wind of things!

Apparently this book, is based on a movie, that is based on a book, called Mr. Webfoot Waddle by Ted Key.

Posted: December 2010


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