Book Cover
Title Little Wooden Duck
Series ---
Author Carol Cassidy Cole
Cover Art H.B. White
Publisher The Musson Book Company - 1945
First Printing ---
Category Children

Main Characters

Little Wooden Duck, Dunfin

Main Elements Anthropomorphism


This book belonged to my father, given to him by his father in 1946 when he came back from a business trip. I had to admit it was interesting to read a book I know my father read when he was just a child of six years old.

This is a tale about a little wooden duck who slips out of the pond where he had been placed by Rosalie and Peter, and travelled down a stream where he encountered many strange and interesting creatures. Like Mrs. Green Frog who liked to ride him down the stream so they could attend the frog chorus. And when Little Wooden Duck got caught in some branches and could no longer float free, Mrs. Frog went to get help. From his vantage point, trapped in the frog pond, he meets Sharp Nose the raccoon, who wouldn't pass up a tasty frog lunch if he could get his hand-like paws on one, and Old Bruin, a grumpy old bear who threatens Danny Beaver's lodge. And of course Dunfin, the little female duck who had been brought up amongst tame ducks and was now teased by the wild ducks for being different. She finds Little Wooden Duck trapped and soon befriends the quiet companion who neither judged nor mocked her. Add a little magic from a helpful fairy and soon the pair of ducks move beyond the stream to meet even more woodland creature, looking for a place to call home.

It's a lovely story to read to your children at night. You will meet all kinds of different animals going about their lives in each their specific ways, each viewing the world in a slightly different way.

Posted: September 2010


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