Book Cover
Title Legend of the Crown
Series ---
Author Stephen Allred
Cover Art Neil Truscott
Publisher American Book Publishing - 2003
First Printing ---
Category Young Adult
Warnings None

Main Characters

Cassie Ferguson

Main Elements Unicorns
Website Legend of the Crown

Cassie Ferguson is a teenager trying to cope with her life. Following her mother's death in a tragic accident, she is forced to live with her estranged father, Richard, at his horse farm in Kentucky. Failing to come to terms with her loss, she grows up nearly void of hope and refuses to trust anyone but herself. After years of failed attempts to bond with his daughter, Richard almost resigns to giving up until the day a miracle occurs. A foal is born from the very thoroughbred responsible for the death of Cassie's mother. Cassie discovers the secret to this unique creature that only she can see - a secret that changes her life forever and helps forge a new bond with her father. After raising her beloved companion, Cassie struggles against others trying to take away her young filly for her gift of speed to satisfy their own ambitions. In order to stay together, Cassie leaves home with her filly to embark on an adventure through the world of championship racing in an attempt to win the Triple Crown series. Along the way, she uncovers dark secrets from her past that threaten to destroy her unfolding future.

I had been recently rereading the Black Stallion series, so when an offer came to read the first three chapters of a not-yet-published book about the Triple Crown with a dash of unicorn magic, I had to take the author up on it. The first three chapters were just enough to introduce the main characters and leave a reader wanting for more. A book about a teenage girl dealing with the grief she'd carried with her for four years after her mother's death, being forced to live with a father she blames for what went wrong, and a newborn foal which is special in a way only she can see. I'd very much like to see where this story will take us.

Posted: March 2003


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