Book Cover
Title King Arthur His Knights & Their Ladies
Series ---
Author Johanna Johnston
Cover Art ---
Publisher Scholastic Inc. - 1979
First Printing ---
Category Children / Reference
Warnings None

Main Characters


Main Elements Arthurian legends, wizards, knights

One of the greatest stories of love and adventure ever told - the legendary tales of King Arthur, his beautiful Queen Guenevere, and his most trusted friend, Sir Lancelot. What was the secret that almost destroyed them? Discover the stories about the loves and triumphs, tragedies and losses of those enchanting days at Camelot. Return to the times of the famous Knights of the Round Table, Merlin, the magician, the brave Sir Galahad, and other heroes and heroines of long ago.

This is a good beginner book for kids at an elementary school level. It is simply written and only 122 pages long. It covers Arthurs life from his birth till his death, and also includes the adventures of some of his more famous knights. I knew Lancelot's story, but I did learn something, even from this simple book, about Sir Gareth with whom I was not familiar.

Now I'm not going to vouch for its accuracy, as I'm not that familiar with the legends myself, but as stated in the forward of the book, the legends of Arthur have been passed down through word of mouth for centuries, finally put down to paper much later. There really isn't such a thing as accuracy here! Legends change to fit the times, just as the real Arthur would never have lived during medieval times, but long before that. But it makes a better story, what with the knights in their shinning armour, castles and maidens in distress.

So this probably is not a useful book for someone already knowledgable about the tales, but a good starting place if you've never read about them before.

Posted: July 2007


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