Book Cover
Title The Island Stallion Races
Series The Black Stallion [#11]
Author Walter Farley
Illustrations Harold Eldridge
Publisher Random House - 1955
First Printing ---
Category Children
Warnings None

Main Characters

Steven Duncan, Flame, Flick, Jay

Main Elements Aliens

Flame leaves his island home with Steve Duncan and races the world's fastest horses!

The Black Stallion series may seem like a strange place to find a story about least that's what I think they are. I don't believe Flick nor Jay ever referred to themselves as such, but there is little doubt in anyone's mind as to their identity. And as out of character from the rest of the series as it was, this book was one of my favorites, perhaps because it was so different. And one just can't help liking Jay, annoying though he can be at times. Just a little unexpected surprise in an otherwise down to earth series.

And what you see above is the cover of a really old beaten up hardcover copy of the book I got years ago at a little library that used to be near my house. I doubt there are many like that out there anymore.

Posted: June 2003


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