Book Cover
Title The Immortal Lies
Series ---
Author S.L. Gray
Cover Art ---
Publisher Createspace - 2013
First Printing ---
Category Urban Fantasy
Warnings None

Main Characters

Tybalt Jones, Violet, Jack, Granny

Main Elements Vampires, faeries, wizards, witches, werewolves

"Being a vampire isn't all it's cracked up to be. Anyone who tells you otherwise is prowling for a snack."

Tybalt Jones is not your typical creature of the night. He prefers Havana shirts to capes and his "sidekick" is a curvy faerie girl. Not a hunchback in sight. He's been out of the vampire "scene" for years, and he'd be happy to stay out for the rest of his unlife.

But vampires connected to Tybalt are disappearing from St. Sebastian's streets. To make matters worse, he's on a literal deadline to clean up the city.

With a little gypsy know-how, a dab of faerie luck and a crash course in using his unusual gifts, he might just survive to restore peace. For now.

I downloaded this e-book for free from and know what, it was totally worth the read! Sometimes those free books can be really terrible but this one was definitely worth investing the time to read.

Ty is an interesting character, partly because he's one of those rare African-American protagonists (other than Ursula Le Guin Earthsea series, I can't think of any others that aren't self-published), but also because you end up having to like him. He has a bit of the snarky attitude that tends to get Harry Dresden in trouble (though somehow Harry sticks his foot in his mouth much better, but Ty has time to practice still...he is a vampire after all). In his youth, he accidentally turned a cop named Jack, and their strained relationship added tension to the story. Over time though, he learned to control his impulses and then isolated himself from the rest of the supernatural community, which meant that when he needed help, he didn't exactly have many friends. That wasn't helped by the fact that there seemed to be someone out there attacking those who had had any connection at all with Ty, and he has no idea why someone would hate him that much. Throw in some wizards, witches, werewolves and faeries and you've got an interesting melange. I'm not sure I was entirely sold on the motivations of the villain, but overall, it made a decent mystery to get to that point.

Now I've read some really great urban fantasy, and this wasn't it. But I've also read some bad ones, and this wasn't it either. It's somewhere in between. It definitely has potential to be a good series (if a series it will become, currently it apppears to be a standalone). And while I didn't have to pay for it, I wouldn't have felt cheated if I had.

There were a few things that puzzled me, like how Violet could walk around in public with silver hair and purple skin. And there was a bit of deus ex machina at one point, not only is Ty our protagonist, but he's "special" too, and not just a little bit special, but possibly legendary, like once a millenia special...sometimes that works, sometimes its just not necessary, especially when the characters gets all those powers...and then doesn't really use them. Hence why I felt there might be a series brewing, to see where things go.

Now these Gooodreads free downloads don't always hang around forever, so if you like your vampires, your urban fantasy, your snarky yet clueless protagonists, you'll probably enjoy this.

Posted: March 2016


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