Book Cover
Title The Honeybears' Christmas Surprise
Series ---
Author R.C. Andrea
Illustrated By Yuri Salzman
Publisher Honeybear Productions - 1984
First Printing Modern Promotions/Publishers - 1983
Category Children
Warnings None
Website ---

Main Characters

Dawn, Holly, Checkers, Ralph, Cousin Eddie

Main Elements Anthropomorphic


The four Honeybears prepare for Christmas, picking out their Christmas tree, backing cookies, decorating the house and wrapping presents. It looks like it is going to be a perfect Christmas until they wake up in the morning to discover Santa hadn't left them any presents! Or so it seemed...

The year I got Christmas Comes to Monster Mountain, my sister got this book. It's a cute story about this family of bears, and the illustrations are nice, especially the reindeer, very unusual looking but I've always found stylized deers very pretty.

It's the kind of book one reads to the family while gathered around the Christmas tree.

Posted: December 2010


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