Book Cover
Title Horton Hears a Who
Series ---
Author Dr. Seuss
Illustrated By Dr. Seuss
Publisher Random House - 1982
First Printing - 1954
Category Children
Warnings None
Website NA

Main Characters

Horton, the Whos

Main Elements Anthropomorphic


In this Dr. Seuss rhyming tale, an elephant named Horton was simply minding his own business when one day he heard a voice. At first he couldn't figure out where the voice was coming from, but using those big sensitive ears of his he discovered it came from a tiny speck of dust. Peering closely he discovered that it was not just one voice on that little speck, but an entire city lived there, the town of Who-ville inhabited by the Who's. Now Horton knew, that no matter how small, they were people just like him, and he needed to protect them. However the other animals of the jungle couldn't hear the Whos and didn't believe Horton when he told them about the miniscule inhabitants of the speck of dust. Thus the animals set themselves out to get rid of that ridiculous piece of fluff so that their lives could go back to normal. I'll let you read for yourselves to find out what happens next!

I adore most of Dr. Seuss' stories and this one is no exception. The rhymes and rhythm are great, the artwork fun, the language downright silly at times - but that's what makes these books what they are. A child should not grow up deprived of Dr. Seuss, and while movies made of his stories are nice, the full length theater movies tend to add a whole bunch of nonsense that wasn't even in the book. No, I say read the books to your kids, then when they are old enough, they'll enjoy reading these books on their own.

Posted: November 2010


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