Book Cover
Title Henny Penny and the Big Bad Wolf
Series ---
Author Walt Disney
Illustrated By Walt Disney
Publisher Random House - 1978
First Printing Random House - 1978
Category Children
Warnings None

Main Characters

Henny Penny, Mickey, Donald, Goofy, etc

Main Elements Anthropomorphic

--- NA ---

Well, I tried to find out who the original author of the fable was (whether it be Henny Penny, or Chicken Little, or Chicken Licken as the main character) but there doesn't seem to be one. There are so many retellings and variations that it has moved from fairy tale all the way to fable.

This is the classic tale of a chicken (Henny Penny) who had an acorn drop on her head. She assumes that it must have been a piece of the sky, and runs about telling everyone "the sky is falling!" She gathers up a group of different characters and they all run off to tell the king. In this version, instead of Turkey Lurkey and the others, we have the cast of famous Disney characters. Foxy Loxy is replaced by the Big Bad Wolf.

In each version of the tale the story has a different ending. In some cases the fox/wolf character gets to eat everyone. Or in others they meet a wiser creature that points out the sky really isn't falling, and they all go home. And sometimes they get to tell the king the sky is about to fall. I'll let you track down this version to see how it comes to an end.

Out of interest, it seems the origins of this tale might be a couple thousand years old, starting with a Buddhist tale about a hare instead of a chicken, and a lion instead of a king. The fable teaches the necessity for deductive reasoning and subsequent investigation. To not believe everyone running about saying the world is about to end!

Posted: January 2011


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