Book Cover
Title Gus
Series ---
Author Vic Crume
Cover Art Walt Disney
Publisher Scholastic - 1976
First Printing Scholastic - 1976
Category Humour
Warnings None

Main Characters

Gus, Andy Petrovic

Main Elements Anthropomorphic

"It's a field goal, folks - kicked by a mule," shouts the TV announcer. Who is this four-footed football kicker? It's GUS, that's who. He's so terrific, crooks are plotting to keep him from the Super Bowl kickoff!

And you'll kick yourself if you don't read GUS.

P.S. Did you see the Disney movie?

Yes, I have seen the Disney movie a long time ago. Don't really remember much of it. But it was probably better than the book. That's generally the case when a books is written based on a movie, it just puts the script into prose and it usually doesn't work out all that well. It was ok, and kind of fun, and it had it's funny bits, but a lot of the humour was slapstick and that doesn't translate well into text.

So if you want to read the book, I say go for it, but I suggest in this case the movie instead. There are a few photos scattered about the pages, but this was clearly a tale to be seen and not read. But Gus is a pretty fun character, even if the premise of a football playing mule stretches one's ability to take the story seriously. Which is why you leave logic at the door and just enjoy the antics of the crooks trying to prevent Gus and Andy from taking the losing team all the way to the Super Bowl.

Posted: January 2011


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