Book Cover
Title The Foxwood Kidnap
Series Foxwood Tales
Author Cynthia & Brian Paterson
Illustrated By Cynthia & Brian Paterson
Publisher Andre Deutsch Limited - 1986
First Printing Andre Deutsch Limited - 1986
Category Children
Warnings None

Main Characters

Rue Rabbit, Harvey Mouse, Willy Hedgehog

Main Elements Anthropomorphic


Even 22 years later, I enjoyed reading this book. The characters are fun, the storyline interesting, the artwork gorgeous. A classic children's tale along the lines of Beatrix Potter.

The story starts with Rue, Harvey and Willy setting out to visit Rue's inventor uncle on the other side of the woods, to find out what his "big discovery" was. Along the way they encounter a band of rats, who upon hearing of this unknown discovery, get ahead of the three youngsters and kidnap Rue's uncle. It is up to the three of them and a young rabbit named Katie to rescue Rue's uncle.

Doing a bit of research for this review, I discovered that this is actually just one book in a series of several books.

Posted: November 2010


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