Book Cover
Title Effie
Series ---
Author Beverley Allinson
Illustrated By Barbara Reid
Publisher Scholastic - 1991
First Printing --- 1990
Category Children
Warnings None

Main Characters


Main Elements Anthropomorphic

Effie la fourmi cherche quelqu'un a qui parler, mais sa voix fait peur a tout le monde. Tous les insectes se sauvent des qu'ils ls voient approcher. Mai lorsqu'un enorme animal risque d'ecrasser les fourmis sans les voir, la forte voix d'Effie sauve la situation!

This book has the most amazing and unusual illustrations. Reid has done for children's books what Tim Burton has done for claymation movies. Each image is made of flat, clay creatures. And if you think that would limit the ability to make really beautiful images, well, you've got to get your hands on this book and flip through it. Each picture is better than the last. The story itself is about an ant who is very a very loud and annoying talker. The other ants just want to work, so Effie leaves to find someone to talk to. After scaring almost everyone away, she discovers her loud voice could actually come in handy when you really need to be heard!

Posted: December 2010


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