Book Cover
Title Donald Duck and Chip'n'Dale
Series ---
Author Stan Walsh & Gene Wolfe
Illustrated By Walt Disney Studio
Publisher Western Publishing Company - 1954
First Printing Western Publishing Company - 1954
Category Children
Warnings None

Main Characters

Donald Duck, Chip, Dale

Main Elements Anthropomorphic


Donald Duck's house is suffering from neglect and his neighbours demand that he spruce it up a bit. But he's too lazy to do the work himself so he pretends to be sick and tricks Chip and Dale into painting his house. But when they find out that Donald was perfectly fine, well, those two mischevious chipmunks have a trick or two up their sleeves!

I loved this book as a child, absolutely adored it. Not sure what it was about it that I liked so much but I have really fond memories of it. And just look at the condition of it, the cover being held together with scotch tape, pages falling out, corners worn. Yes, I really liked it. I liked the illustrations, the story was funny, and its a nice small square shape. Too bad it is out of print!

Posted: February 2011


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