Book Cover
Title Deception: A Phantom of the Opera Novel
Series ---
Author Shirley Yoshinaka
Cover Art ---
Publisher Lulu - 2006
First Printing ---
Category Romance
Warnings None

Main Characters

Erik (the Phantom), Melodie, David Wentworth

Main Elements Phantom of the Opera

The story of the Phantom continues...

Following the Paris opera house disaster, Erik, the charismatic and disfigured man known as the Phantom, settled in a secluded home on the outskirts of London. He resigned himself to a life of solitude, but two years later, fate introduced him to a young woman who reawakened his emotions.

Although Mellie was a gifted composer, no one took her work seriously. She recognized Erik's brilliance and was desperate for his help. Drawn to both the man and his talent, she made a bold proposition and he accepted. Together, they forged a unique partnership that became the talk of London society.

But when Erik's past returned to haunt him, he could lose everything he'd gained in his new life - including Mellie.

Deception is a tale of loss, healing, and ultimately, love.

When I saw this book I thought, why not, after all, I love all things Phantom. I was kind of expecting this novel to be a kind of glorified amateur fanfic, after all it was printed by some unknown small press. Though I felt things got off on a bad foot when the main female character was named "Melodie" (I mean come on, I know the Phantom story is all about music, that's kind of corny, but sadly expected of a romance novel), in the end I was wrong about my assumption, it was really well written!

I expected to find Erik to be completely unbelievable, or out of character, but I think Yoshinaka did a really good job of making his personality and internal thought processes consistent with Leroux's creation. Melodie was a little too forward for the Victorian time period, but there were probably women just like her back then. And though there were some kissy scenes, there was nothing that needed to be taken behind doors.

My main gripe was every time Yoshinaka mentioned the "half" mask. That was a construct for the musical, because the actor couldn't see/sing/strut about on the stage under the hot lights with a full mask, they gave him a half mask instead. Leroux's Phantom had of course a full mask, and she was clearly trying to base her character on the original and not the Webber one.

And I thought Sascha the dog a nice touch.

I think no Phantom fan should go without reading this potential ending to the story of the Opera Ghost.

Posted: November 2008


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