Book Cover
Title Chasing the Dragon
Series ---
Author Nicholas Kaufmann
Cover Art Erik Mohr
Publisher Chizine Publications - 2009
First Printing Chizine Publications - 2009
Category Horror
Warnings Drug use

Main Characters

Georgia, the Dragon

Main Elements Dragons, zombies

Centuries ago, St. George fought and killed a dragon or so the legend goes. The truth is somewhat different. George failed in his mission, and the Dragon still walks the Earth, protected by an undead army, hiding in the shadows and slaughtering men, women, and children for its prey. Each of George's descendants through time has been tasked with killing the Dragon, and each has failed. Twenty-five-year-old Georgia Quincey is the last of the line. But Georgia is also an addict, driven to the warm embrace of the needle by the weight of her responsibility and the loss of everything and everyone she has ever loved.

I picked this up from the bargain books section of my bookstore, but apparently you can download a free eBook.

Anyway, given the reviews on the back of the book, I was expecting to find the book psychologically disturbing...but maybe I've become immune? I don't think so, there was a Stephen King short story I couldn't read because it was from inside the head of a psychopath, so maybe this one isn't as horrific as the reviews made it out to be.

That said, it meant I was able to actually read it! The concept was unique. Basically Georgia is a descendent of a long line of dragonslayers. Slayer and dragon, repeating generation after generation the hunt and the slaying of the dragon. That is, until St. George messed up and the dragon escaped. Now the dragon grows stronger, has begun to remember her past (yes *her*...I thought a female dragon was an awesome twist), and wants the cycle to end. Of course to do so she must destroy the last dragonslayer, Georgia.

The dragon was creepy indeed, we don't even get to see her until towards the end, and then she isn't what you expect her to be. And she is able to raise zombie minions so if you're into that genre you might enjoy this.

Of course Chasing the Dragon is a reference to opium, and there is indeed drug use in this novel, though interestingly, much like in From Hell, one could argue the use was justified. But didn't change the fact that Georgia was a junkie.

Overall, I didn't love it, but given you can download it for free, its a unique twist on an old legend, one worth reading through.

Posted: October 2015


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