Book Cover
Title Charlotte's Web
Series ---
Author E.B. White
Illusrated By Garth Williams
Publisher Scholastic - 1952
First Printing Scholastic - 1952
Category Children
Printing Status Available

Main Characters

Wilbur, Charlotte, Templeton, Fern

Main Elements Anthropomorphic

Wilbur was lovingly raised by a girl named Fern. But now he's a barn pig. He's bored and lonely - until he meets Charlotte, the beautiful grey spider who also lives in the barn.

Charlotte thinks of a wonderful way to save Wilbur from a pig's unhappy fate. Her clever plan will delight you, in this famous story.

What child doesn't love Charlotte's Web, a wonderful story of an average pig made famous through the artistic abilities of an extraordinary spider. After all it isn't often that a spider is portrayed as a protagonist rather than a creepy villain with eight legs and venomous fangs that likes to crawl into your bed while you are sleeping. Here Charlotte is intelligent, wise and gentle. Wilbur might not be the brightest animal in the barnyard, but he's kind and, well, you can't blame him for wanting to live beyond christmas.

So pig and spider, with the help of a not-so-self-centered rat come up with a scheme to make Wilbur special, or should I say, to make him "Some Pig". Careful though, you might need a kleenex box nearby as you reach the end of the book, even as an adult it was hard to hold back a sniffle or two.

Posted: September 2011


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