Book Cover
Title Cell
Series ---
Author Stephen King
Cover Art ---
Publisher ---
First Printing ---
Category Science Fiction
Warnings None

Main Characters

Main Elements Zombies

Review by EmilyamI:

Cell is a frightful look at what would happen if technology proved to be human downfall. The story is driving and exciting, with twists and turns frequent and sudden. The reader will often be taken off-guard at Kings plot changes.

The characters in the story are realistic and believable. The reader can easily relate to these run-of-the-mill average modern people. Which makes the story that much more scary. The reader could easily see themselves in the same situation as the characters who have to somehow find their way through the nightmare that they find themselves in.

I must say that the book as a whole was somewhat unsatisfying. The ending seemed to just drop off, rather than wrapping up the story. Perhaps King is leaving the opportunity for a sequel open? While the book was enjoyable, exciting, and genuinely scary, the ending seemed to balance it out for me to make something somewhat mediocre. This book is best read by those who want a good scare, but might not be so interested in a wrap-up of questions and loose threads at the end of the book. A decent read, and I'd recommend it, but I might recommend some of Kings other books first.

Posted: October 2008


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