Book Cover
Title The Cat's Wedding
Series ---
Author Linda James Smith
Illusrated By Linda James Smith
Publisher Ideals Children's Books - 1989
First Printing Ideals Children's Books - 1989
Category Children
Warnings None

Main Characters

Suki, Barney

Main Elements Anthropomorphic

An elegant house cat and a tough alley cat overcome the gulf between their stations in life and get married.

Classic story, beautiful illustrations. But on some level it is just Lady and the Tramp with cats. But there are some very cute and funny scenes, like where Barney has to meet Suki's father and impress him to be allowed to marry her. In the meanwhile her sisters are giggling in the background thinking this old alley cat won't prove to be much. But he's a good mouser so Suki's father decides Barney will be able to take care of his daughter and so the wedding is officially on! The family photos are very adorable, the snobby upperclass family hanging out with Barney's alley cats.

Posted: December 2010


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