Book Cover
Title The Bear Scouts
Series The Berenstain Bears
Author Stan & Jan Berenstain
Illustrated By Stan & Jan Berenstain
Publisher Random House - 1967
First Printing ---
Category Children
Warnings None
Website The Official Berenstain Bears Website

Main Characters

Papa Bear, Brother Bear

Main Elements Anthropomorphism


Over 300 Berenstain Bear books have been published since the first one in 1962 so I decided against listing them all at this time :o) Now I grew up watching the cartoon on TV, and I know I had one other book aside from this one here. The Berenstain Bears are great fun. What with Papa Bear always messing things up, and Brother Bear having to rescue him on frequent occasions. In this case Papa Bear didn't want the Bear Scouts to go camping on their own, and wanted to teach them a thing or two about surviving in the woods. And which he did, he taught them all the things they should *not* do! Definitely lots of laughs to be had with the rhyming prose.

Posted: January 2011


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