Book Cover
Title The Black Stallion's Ghost
Series The Black Stallion [#18]
Author Walter Farley
Cover Art Ruth Sanderson
Publisher Random House - 1969
First Printing ---
Category Children
Warnings None

Main Characters

The Black, Alec

Main Elements Ghosts

Alec Ramsey and the Black - lost in the Everglades at night.

Not since those first days together on the desert island had Alec and the Black been so free. Then one morning, during their vacation, Alec led the Black down a path into the beautiful but mysterious swamp. And what started as an innocent ride turned into a living nightmare. Alec could no longer tell what was real and what wasn't!

This is not a series of books where one would expect to find a ghost story. Then again, one wouldn't expect to meet aliens either and that was done in The Island Stallion Races. The Kovi is not so much a ghost as an Everglade spirit. A spirit that desires to fulfill a curse placed on the horseman Captain Philippe de Pluminel. Was the Kovi real? Alec never gets the chance to find out. Read and decide for yourself what the famous rider of The Black experienced.

Posted: July 2003


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