Book Cover
Title Bedtime Stories
Series ---
Author Eileen Colwell
Illustrated By Jennie Schofield, Margarert Gold, David Anstey
Publisher Ladybird Books - 1982
First Printing Ladybird Books - 1982
Category Children
Warnings None

Main Characters


Main Elements Anthropomorphic


  • The Little Red Jersey - Lilian McCrea
  • Clever Polly - Catherine Storr
  • Hob Nob - Ruth Ainsworth
  • The Turnip
  • Simon's Unlucky Day - Vera Colwell
  • The Lost Kitten - Margaret Law
  • The Little Wooden Soldier - Ruth Ainsworth
  • The Little Car is Looked After - Liela Berg
  • Keep Out! - Eileen Colwell
  • The Hot Potatoe - Donald Bisset
  • The Little Hare and the Tiger - Elizabeth Clark
  • Alfred and the Fierce Fiery Fox - Helen Cresswell
  • What a Surprise! - Dorothy Edwards
  • The Bus that Wouldn't Go - Margaret Law
  • J for John - Vera Colwell
  • The Baker's Cat - Joan Aiken
  • Rabbits go Riding - Anita Hewett
  • A Bargain for the Brambles - Ursula Morray Williams
  • Elephant Big and Elephant Little - Anita Hewett
  • The Adventures of Littlenose: The Giant Snowball - John Grant

  • Tadpoles - Rose Fyleman
  • When I Was One - A.A. Milne
  • Marching in our Wellingtons - Clive Sansom
  • Sea - Leonard Clark
  • White Fields - James Stephens
  • Mrs Peck Pidgeon - Eleanor Farjeon
  • If I Were an Apple
  • Down the Stream - Spike Milligan
  • The Cupboard - Walter de la Mare
  • If you Find a Little Feather - Beatrice Schenk de Regniers
  • Tails

This book brings back fond childhood memories, and some of these stories I remember almost word-for-word. In other cases I have vivid memories of just the illustrations. And of course there were a few I was sure I'd never seen before.

As in the introduction to this book, there is a wide variety of stories, and all children ages 3 to 6, girl or boy, will find a few that they will love. Each story comes with one or more illustrations to entertain your child while you read them stories which are the prefect length just before bed.

As to the fantasy aspects, well you have talking animals, a red sweater with feeling, a train that likes to do a good job, among many other creatures and things come to life. No fairies in these tales though, and the only magic occurs when a group of children purchase some special shoes. But there is a different kind of magic in these tales, the kind that you rediscover when you reread this book as an adult and you are transported back to before you even went to school, when your parents were tucking you in to bed at night.

Posted: January 2011


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