Book Cover
Title Are You A Unicorn? The Mission and Meaning of Unicorns
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Author Roy Wilkinson
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Publisher Unicorns United
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Category General
Warnings None

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Main Elements Unicorns
Website Unicorns United

Are you a unicorn? How can you tell? What is the mission of unicorns? What does the Bible say about them? Is Jesus really a unicorn? Can only a virgin capture a unicorn? What is the relation of the unicorn, the lion, and the dragon? Should unicorns fall in love, get married, have children? Whom should they marry? All these questions and more are answered inside this book.

This book is a very thought-provoking essay, not on the unicorn of folklore, but the unicorn within us. As you can see from the cover blurb it is very Christian oriented , but then that is one aspect of unicorn lore, so do not let that turn you away. The author also bases a lot on The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle, as well as other sources. True, I'm not particularly religious and I found that some of the arguments were rather far-fetched, but I don't believe this book was meant to actually give concrete answers about the world, but to help you find your own answers within your own religious (or non-religious) context. Though I disagree with some of the points, (for example: the dragon as the representation evil and the unicorn as good. That is a modern imagery. The unicorn of ancient lore was a dangerous creature that enjoyed the kill, while the dragon of oriental legend was a creature of great wisdom), I agreed with others and finally came to the conclusion I am not a unicorn, lion or least not by this book's definitions. I guess I'll have to be content being the zodiac Taurus, the way it accurately describes my personality never ceases to amaze me.

Posted: April 2003


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