Book Cover
Title Adventures in the Dark
Series Happy Ending Books
Author Jane Carruth
Illustrated By Tony Hutchings
Publisher Modern Promotions/Publishers - 1983
First Printing Children's Leisure Products - 1982
Category Children
Warnings None

Main Characters


Main Elements Anthropomorphic

There's a happy ending to each story in this series, which has been specially created to give small children a simple and educational explanation of some common fears and traumas experienced in the formative early years.

In Adventures in the Dark, Tippu the fieldmouse learns to laugh at his fear of night-time shapes and shadows.

I simply loved this book as a child. The illustrations are gorgeous. It's a story about Tippu the mouse who has one of his toys stolen by the town bully. He chases the Billy Shrew for as long as he could, but eventually loses him, as well as himself! Night falls while Tippu is still lost on his own and he encounters some very strange and scary monsters in the dark. When he is found the next morning, he gets to see those monsters in the light of day, and have a good laugh at himself.

Posted: October 2010


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