Book Cover
Title A Stirring of Dust
Series Forever Knight
Author Susan Sizemore
Cover Art ---
Publisher Boulevard Books - 1997
First Printing ---
Category Horror
Warnings Vampires, therefore blood. Otherwise none

Main Characters

Nicholas Knight, Lucien Lacroix, Vachon, Screed, Urs, Radu, Tracy Vetter, Nathalie Lambert

Main Elements Vampires

He has walked the night beat for centuries. He is one of the finest homicide detectives in Toronto. But Nick Knight wishes he could shed the curse of his true calling. The burn of the thirst. The thrill of the kill. The endless nights longing to be human...and not a vampire.

The murder victims were found decapitated. At first Nick suspected a man newly released from prison who had killed his wife the same way. But now he must consider another, more horrifying possibility - that one of his own kind is responsible for such grisly handiwork. An inhuman monster with a centuries-old score to settle with Nick Knight...

The television series was cancelled years ago, so it was nice to revisit with Nick and company, though I would have prefered it to have taken place in the first or second season, I much prefered Nick's first partner over Tracy. Ah well.

To those who haven't watched the series, I supposed you'll still be able to enjoy this book, things tended to get explained well with enough background filled it, but I'd definitely recommend watching the show to catch the nuances of the characters you learn to love. The first season is available on DVD as of this writing.

Keeping in mind that I haven't seen the series in a while, I found that the characters were faithfully portrayed, and I must admit a little pleasure in getting inside of LaCroix's head. Even down to having flashbacks to an earlier time, an important characteristic of the TV series that shouldn't be left out.

Another thing to keep in mind, it that this book is based on an already created "World". This limits the author by already setting up the premise for her, and also limits the outcome. Like in other books based on pre-existing worlds, there is little character development, and everything is neatly cleaned up at the end. If the author were to try to bend the rules a little, fans would be in an uproar over any little detail that didn't fit in with the original storyline of the series. Kind of like a Star Trek episode, where sure, a few guys in red get killed, but in the end, everything is pretty much the way it started. So the book's good, but nothing special.

Ah, and my final advice? Buy the book with your eyes closed. Could they have possibly picked a worse picture to put on the cover!?

Posted: October 2004


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