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The Last Mermaid - Shana Abe
The Mermaid - William Lee Ambrose
The Little Mermaid - Hans Christian Andersen
Into Her Chamges - Jennifer Arnett
Song of the Sirens - Kaylie Austen

Salva Me: The Untold Story of Mermaids

The Siren - Kiera Cass
Atlantia - Ally Condie

Between the Sea and the Sky - Jaclyn Dolamore
Wrecked - Anna Davies

Monstrous Beauty - Elizabeth Fama

Breathless - Cole Gibson

Ripple - Mandy Hubbard

Sea Hearts - Margo Lanagan

The Mermaid's Mirror - L.K. Madigan
The Secret of the Emeral Sea - Heather Matthews
Landlocked - C.S. Moore

A Perfect Wave - John Rafferty

Updrift - Errin Stevens

Mermaid - Carolyn Turgeon

In Great Waters - Kit Whitfield
Mermother: An Account of What Happened in the Sea - Elizabeth Jane Wolfe

The Little Mermaid

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