Pegasus - Robin McKinley

The Golden Country

Whisper the Winged Unicorn

A Wish for Whisper - Christopher Brown
Christmas in Rainbow Forest - Jill Wolf
Cry of the Wolf - Peter Mandel
Curse of the Dragon - Christopher Brown
Flying Is Fun (Little Shape Book) - Christopher Brown
Journey to Julies Heart - Christopher Brown and Jill Wolf
Rescue from Rainbow Forest - Christopher Brown
The Secret of Dark Hollow - Christopher Brown
Shadow of the Hawk - Jill Wolf
Trap of the Hunter - Jill Wolf
Whisper's Golden Friend - Jill Wolf
Whisper's Lonely Heart - Jill Wolf
Whisper's Magic Mirror - Jill Wolf
Whisper's Mysterious Adventure - Jeff Simons
Whisper's Secret Dream - Peter Mandel
Whisper's Rainbow Treasure - Jill Wolf
Whisper, the Winged Unicorn - Katherine Stiles

Stephen Cosgrove - Serendipity Books

Flutterby Fly

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