Shadowdale - Scott Ciencin
Tantras - Scott Ciencin
Waterdeep - Troy Denning
Prince of Lies - James Lowder
Crucible: The Trial of Cyric the Mad - Troy Denning

Baldur's Gate

Baldur's Gate - Philip Athans
Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn - Philip Athans
Baldur's Gate III: Throne of Bhaal - Drew Karpyshyn

Blades of the Moonsea - Richard Baker

The Swordmage

Chosen of Nendawen - Mark Sehestedt

The Fall of Highwatch

The Citadels

Neversfall - Ed Gentry
Obsidian Ridge - Jess Lebow
The Shield of Weeping Ghosts - James P. Davis
Sentinelspire - Mark Sehestedt

The Cities

The City of Ravens - Richard Baker
Temple Hill - Drew Karpyshyn
The Jewel of Turmish - Mel Odom
The City of Splendors - Ed Greendwood & Elaine Cunningham

The Cleric Quintet - R.A. Salvatore

In Sylvan Shadows
Night Masks
The Fallen Fortress
The Chaos Curse

The Cormyr Saga

Cormyr - Ed Greenwood & Jeff Grubb
Beyond the High Road - Troy Denning
Death of the Dragon - Ed Greenwood & Troy Denning

Counselors & Kings - Elaine Cunningham

The Magehound
The Floodgate
The Wizardwar

Dark Elf Trilogy - R.A. Salvatore


Double Diamond Triangle Saga

The Abduction - J. Robert King
The Paladins - James M. Ward & David Wise
The Mercenaries - Ed Greenwood
Errand of Mercy - Roger E. Moore
Opportunity for Profit - Dave Gross
Conspiracy - J. Robert King
Uneasy Alliances - David Cook
Easy Betrayals - Richard Baker
The Diamond - J. Robert King & Ed Greenwood

The Druidhome Trilogy - Dougles Niles

Prophet of Moonshae
The Coral Kingdom
The Druid King

The Dungeons

Depths of Madness - Erik Scott de Bie
The Howling Delve - Jaleigh Johnson
Stardeep - Bruce R. Cordell
Crypt of the Moaning Diamond - Rosemary Jones

Elminster - Ed Greenwood

Elminster in Myth Drannor
Elminster in Hell
Elminster's Daughter
Elminster: The Making of a Mage
The Temptation of Elminster

The Empires Trilogy

Horselords - David Cook
Dragonwall - Troy Denning
Crusade - James Lowder

The Empyrean Odyssey - Thomas M. Reid

The Gossamer Plain
The Fractured Sky
The Crystal Mountain

The Erevis Cale Trilogy - Paul S. Kemp

Twilight Falling
Dawn of Night
Midnight's Mask

The Fighters

Master of Chains - Jess Lebow
Ghostwalker - Erik Scott de Bie
Son of Thunder - Murray J.D. Leeder
Bladesinger - Keith Francis Strohm

The Finder's Stone Trilogy - Kate Novak & Jeff Grubb

Azure Bonds
The Wyvern's Spur
Song of the Saurials

The Harpers

The Parched Sea - Troy Denning
Elfshadow - Elaine Cunningham
Red Magic - Jean Rabe
The Night Parade - Scott Ciencin
The Ring of Winter - James Lowder
Crypt of the Shadowking - Mark Anthony
Soldiers of Ice - David Cook
Elfsong - Elaine Cunningham
Crown of Fire - Ed Greenwood
Masquerades - Kate Novak & Jeff Grubb
Curse of the Shadowmage - Mark Anthony
The Veiled Dragon - Troy Denning
Silver Shadows - Elaine Cunningham
Finder's Bane - Kate Novak & Jeff Grubb
Thornhold - Elaine Cunningham
Rise of the Blade - Charles Alexander Moffat

The Haunted Lands - Richard Lee Byers


House of Serpents - Lisa Smedman

Venom's Taste
Viper's Kiss
Vanity's Brood

Hunter Blades Trilogy - R.A. Salvatore

The Thousand Orcs
The Lone Drow
The Two Swords

Icewind Dale Trilogy - R.A. Salvatore

The Crystal Shard
Streams of Silver
The Hafling's Gem

The Knights of Myth Drannor - Ed Greenwood

Sword of the Eveningstar
Swords of Dragonfire
The Sword Never Sleeps

The Lady Penitent - Lisa Smedman

Sacrifice of the Widow
Storm of the Dead
Ascendency of the Last

The Lasty Mythal - Richard Baker

Forsaken House
Farthest Reach
Final Gate

Legacy of the Drow - R.A. Salvatore

The Legacy
Starless Night
Siege of Darkness
Passage to Dawn

Lost Empires

The Lost Library of Cormnthyr - Mel Odom
Faces of Deception - Troy Denning
Star of Cursrah - Clayton Emery
The Nether Scroll - Lynn Abbey

The Lost Gods

Finder's Bane - Kate Novak & Jeff Grubb
Fistandantilus Reborn - Douglas Niles
Tymora's Luck - Kate Novak & Jeff Grubb

The Maztica Trilogy - Douglas Niles

Feathered Dragon

The Moonshae Trilogy - Douglas Niles

Darkwalker on Moonshae
Black Wizards


Murder in Cormyr - Chet Williamson
Murder in Halruaa - Richard Myers
Murder in Tarsis - John Maddox Roberts

Netheril Trilogy - Clayton Emery

Sword Play
Dangerous Games
Mortal Consequences

The Nobles

King Pinch - David Cook
War in Tethyr - Victor Milan
Escape from Undermountain - Mark Anthony
The Mage in the Iron Mask - Brian Thomsen
The Council of Blades - Paul Kidd
The Simbul's Gift - Lynn Abbey

Paths of Darkness - R.A. Salvatore

The Silent Blade
The Spine of the World
Sea of Swords
Servant of the Shard

Pools Trilog

Pool of Radiance - James M. Ward & Jane Cooper Hong
Pools of Darkness - James M. Ward & Anne K. Brown
Pool of Twilight - James M. Ward & Anne K. Brown

The Priests

Lady of Poison - Bruce R. Cordell
Mistress of Night - Dave Gross
Maiden of Pain - Kameron M. Franklin
Queen of the Depths - Richard Lee Byers

Return of the Archwizards - Troy Denning

The Summoning
The Siege
The Sorceror


The Alabaster Staff - Edward Bolme
The Black Bouquet - Richard Lee Byers
The Crimson Gold - Voronica Whitney-Robinson
The Yellow Silk - Don Bassingthwaite

The Scions of Arrabar Trilogy - Thomas M. Reid

The Sapphire Crescent
The Ruby Guardian
The Emerald Sceptre

The Sellswords - R.A. Salvatore

Servant of the Shard
Promise of the Witch-King
Road of the Patriarch


Shadow's Witness - Paul S. Kemp
The Shattered Mask - Richard Lee Byers
Black Wolf - Dave Gross
Heirs of Prophecy - Lisa Smedman
Sands of the Soul - Voronica Whitney-Robinson
Lord of Stormweather - Dave Gross

The Shadow of the Avatar Trilogy - Ed Greenwood

Shadows of Doom
Cloak of Shadows
All Shadows Fled

Shandril's Saga - Ed Greenwood

Crown of Fire
Hand of Fire

Starlight & Shadows - Elaine Cunningham

Daughter of the Drow
Tangled Webs

Song & Swords - Elaine Cunningham

Silver Shadows
The Dream Spheres

The Threat from the Sea - Mel Odom

Rising Tide
Under Fallen Stars
The Sea Devil's Eye

Transitions - R.A. Salvatore

The Orc King
The Pirate King
The Ghost King

The Twilight Giants - Troy Denning

The Ogre's Pact
A Giant Among Us
The Titan of Twilight

The Twilight War - Paul S. Kemp


War of the Spider Queen

Dissolution - Richard Lee Byers
Insurrection - Thomas M. Reid
Condemnation - Richard Baker
Extinction - Lisa Smedman
Annihilation - Philip Athans
Resurrection - Paul S. Kemp

The Watercourse Trilogy - Philip Athans

Whisper of Waves
Lies of Light
Scream of Stone


Blackstaff Tower - Steven E. Schend
Mistshore - Jaleigh Johnson
Downshadow - Erik Scott de Bie
City of the Dead - Rosemary Jones
The God Catcher - Erin M. Evans
Circle of Skulls - James P. Davis

The Wilds

The Fanged Crown - Jenna Helland
The Restless Shore - James P. Davis
The Edge of Chaos - Jak Koke
Wrath of the Blue Lady - Mel Odom

The Wizards

Blackstaff - Steven E. Schend
Bloodwalk - James P. Davis
Darkvision - Bruce R. Cordell
Frostfell - Mark Sehestedt

The Year of Rogue Dragons - Richard Lee Byers

The Rage
The Rite
The Ruin


Once Around the Realms - Brian Thomsen
Evermeet: Island of Elves - Elaine Cunningham
The Shadow Stone - Richard Baker
The Glass Prison - Monte Cook
Silverfall: Stories of the Seven Sisters - Ed Greenwood
Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor - Carrie A. Bebris

Realms of Valor - ed. James Lowder
Realms of Infamy - ed. James Lowder
Realms of Magic - ed. Brian Thomsen & J. Robert King
Realms of the Underdark - ed. J. Robert King
Realms of the Arcane - ed. Brian Thomsen
Realms of Mystery - ed. Philip Athans
Realms of the Deep - ed. Philip Athans
Halls of Stormweather - ed. Philip Athans
Realms of Shadow - ed. Lizz Baldwin
Realms of the Dragons - ed. Philip Athans
The Best of Realms II - Ed Greenwood
Realms of the Elves - ed. Philip Athans
The Best of the Realms III - Elaine Cunningham
Realms of War
Realms of the Dead

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