1. Voices - John Vornholt
2. Accusations - Lois Tilton
3. Blood Oath - John Vornholt
4. Clark's Law - Jim Moritmore
5. The Touch of Your Shadow, The Whisper of Your Name - Neal Barrett Jr.
6. Betrayals - S.M. Stirling
7. The Shadow Within - Jeanne Cavelos
8. Personal Agendas - Al Sarrantonio
9. To Dream in the City of Sorrows - Kathryn M. Drennan

Legions of Fire - Peter David

The Long Night of Centauri Prime
Armies of Light and Dark
Out of the Darkness

Psi Corps Trilogy - J. Gregory Keyes

Dark Genesis
Deadly Relations
Final Reckoning

The Passing of the Technomages - Jeanne Cavelos

Casting Shadows
Summoning Light
Invoking Darkness

Movie Novelizations

In the Beginning - Peter David
Thirdspace - Peter David
A Call to Arms - Robert Sheckley

"The Shadow of His Thoughts" - J. Michael Straczynski
"Genius Loci" - J. Michael Straczynski
"Space, Time, and the Incurable Romantic" - J. Michael Straczynski
"Hidden Agendas" - J. Michael Straczynski
"True Seeker" - Fiona Avery
"The Nautilus Coil" - J. Gregory Keyes

Babylon 5 Security Manual - Jim Mortimore


"In Darkness Find Me" - J. Michael Straczynski
"Treason" - Mark Moretti
"In Harm's Way" - Mark Moretti
"The Price of Peace" - J. Michael Straczynski
"With Friends Like These..." - Timothy DeHaas
"Against the Odds" - Timothy DeHaas
"Survival the Hard Way" - Timothy DeHaas
"Silent Enemies" - Timothy DeHaas
"Duet for Human and Narn in C Sharp" - David Gerrold
"Coda for Human and Narn in B Flat" - David Gerrold
"The Psi Corps and You!" - Timothy DeHaas
"In Valen's Name, Part 1" - J. Michael Straczynski
"In Valen's Name, Part 2" - Peter David
"In Valen's Name, Part 3" - Peter David

Babylon 5 Script Books

Babylon 5 Scripts Volume 1
Babylon 5 Scripts Volume 2
Babylon 5 Scripts Volume 3
Babylon 5 Scripts Volume 4
Babylon 5 Scripts Volume 5
Babylon 5 Scripts Volume 6
Babylon 5 Scripts Volume 7
Babylon 5 Scripts Volume 8
Babylon 5 Scripts Volume 9
Babylon 5 Scripts Volume 10
Babylon 5 Scripts Volume 11
Babylon 5 Scripts Volume 12
Babylon 5 Scripts Volume 13
Babylon 5 Scripts Volume 14
Babylon 5 Scripts Volume 15
Babylon 5 Scripts: Other Voices Volume 1
Babylon 5 Scripts: Other Voices Volume 2
Babylon 5 Scripts: Other Voices Volume 3

Asked and Answered

Asked and Answered Part 1
Asked and Answered Part 2
Asked and Answered Part 3
Asked and Answered Part 4
Asked and Answered Part 5

Echoes of our Conversations

Echoes of our Conversations: Peter Jurasik
Echoes of our Conversations: Bruce Boxleitner
Echoes of our Conversations: Claudia Christian
Echoes of our Conversations: Mira Furlan
Echoes of our Conversations: Jerry Doyle
Echoes of our Conversations: Bill Mumy


Crusade: Behind the Scenes
Crusade: What the Hell Happened Volume 1
Crusade: Other Voices 1
Crusade: Other Voices 2


Babylon 5: Artifacts from Beyond the Rim
Across Time and Space: The Chronologies of Babylon 5
Patricia Tallman's Pleasure Thresholds

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