The Hold

And so you find yourself at another hold. This one appeared to breed herdbeast rather than raise crops. You look about in the twilight to see if you can find the wher that guards the hold before it sneak up on you. There seemed to be a kind of compound to the left, and giving it a wide berth you head towards the entrance of the hold. A low growl lets you know that the wher was actually on the right, very close on the right......


It snarled at you, but didn't seem inclined to attack. A little girl appears from behind it. "I'm Miranda," she says shyly. "Greenie won't hurt you," she smiles. "I gave her that name myself! She likes me the best here. Do you want to go inside, its getting cold." You say yes and she starts to lead you towards the whers lair. You call out to Miranda and tell her that you'd rather go inside the hold. You were hungry. She shrugs and points to the door, the follows her wher into its hiding place.

This wher was bred in DawnSister's Weyr

May 2003