D'lin and Gallith


This is D'lin's Impression story. (©SunBlind)

Daylin closed his eyes as he listened to the rain falling outside the weyr. He could hear the dragons moving about in various caves of the weyr. There was a lot of excitement because of Pridith's new clutch. But what were the chances of a shy boy being asked to be a candidate during the Hatching. He pushed a stray lock of his wild red hair out of his face.

He got up and walked over to the table near his bed. Maybe he would be fostered, even though it was a little late for that. Daylin opened a book and began to read, his green eyes focused on every word. He loved to read about the old weyrs of the past, of how things were different then. They knew a lot of stuff that people seem to have forgotten now. Everything from Threadfall to simple cooking recipes. He had given some to the cook, much to the pleasure of the whole weyr when they tasted the new delicacies. At their praise his face had turned as red as his hair.

Further and further into the past he went. "Too bad not much of the ancients remain," Daylin would often think, trying to imagine flying a metal machine, then shaking his head and replacing an image with that of a dragon. His dragon? Maybe.

He heard someone coming done the hall and hurriedly hid the books. He didn't know why he always did that. Somehow it was his own little secret, his hiding place. Besides, if anyone had cared about the books, someone would have come looking for them long ago.

"Day, hurry. The eggs are hatching!" Daylin looked up to see his sister waving frantically at him through the doorway. He looked down at his clothing which had gotten dusty from his crawling around abandoned rooms looking for books. Not exactly what he had wanted to wear to the hatching. But the eggs were not going to wait for him so he rushed down the myriad of passageways with his sister at his side.

Daylin rushed down the hall with the other candidates. He entered the sands, feeling the heat through his boots. He hadn't realized that there were to be so many eggs! Which one? The queen, Pridith, roared; her eyes swirling red and orange. Finally her mate flew in, and she joined him on the ledge.

He watched as the girls rushed over to the queen egg, all hoping for the best. But it was a blue that hatched first. Two bronzes soon had hatched, growling at the boys they didn't like, but very loving to those they Impressed.

Almost instanly, five more of the eggs hatched. The green was the first to be Impressed by a young girl, the blue Impressed next. During this time, another bronze hatched, and started a fight with two browns. Four boys tried to break it up, in the process one brown and the bronze were Impressed.

The remaining brown headed for another boy but a blue made it there first. Crying, the brown was found by another and a joyful Impression took place. And then another green bonded with a girl.

Daylin was at a loss at all this commotion. Sure he had read about all of this before, but it was a very different thing to experience. Just then a he was knocked over by small bronze. "Oh Gallith, you're silly," said D'lin as the dragon started licking him all over his face.

Then a brown flash appears, a little creature joins the new hatchling. It was Flicker.


Within no time the other dragons had been Impressed, including twin golds! Soon, the sands had emptied and was quiet once more.

Name: Gallith
Rider: D'lin
Color: Bronze (male)
Parents: Gold Pridith x Bronze Garath
Weyr: NorthStar Weyr
May 1999