Neriss and Fayth


How Neriss came to know Fayth. (©SunBlind)

Neriss brushed her hair in front of the mirror. It was long and blond, but always full of knots. She had to brush it at least three times a day. More if she had time. Her father liked her hair long. She wanted to cut it short and become a dragonrider. That's right. She was tired of dresses and skirts and long hair and having to look pretty. If she had a choice she's go roll in the mud. Now that would be fun.

But now she had to get ready for dinner. She wore her green dress - the one that matched her eyes so perfectly. She hated the way the dress dragged on the ground, and how it made moving so difficult. She was forever getting tangled up in it.

For some reason her father was having some dragonriders over for dinner. Probably made him feel important. Now, its not that Neriss didn't care for her father, he just spent so much time trying to look important in other people's eyes, he tended to forget what was important in his own.

She tied the laces on her new slippers and hurried down the stairs. Father would really be angry if she were late. She had done that once, and she knew better than to ever do it again. It didn't reflect well on his hospitality, or so he thought. The guests probably hadn't even noticed she was there the whole night.

She sat down between her two sisters on her fathers left. The dragonriders were already seated in front of them, laughing amongst themselves. All but one. He was looking straight at her. It made Neriss quite uncomfortable. Outside the window she could see the dragons. One blue one was also staring at her. Probably belonged to the rider.

Her father showed up and the meal began. She was thankful when the rider dropped his gaze to look at his food. The dragon too eventually lay down to sleep. Lots of things were said as the guests ate, but Neriss didn't really hear most of it. She was thinking about that dragon. How she'd like to have one too.

After dinner, the harper started some music, and the rider asked her to dance. A glance from her father and she knew she couldn't refuse the honoured guest. As they danced, the rider began to speak. "My name is J'layle, rider of blue Moonvith. You look very beautiful tonight."

Neriss smiled gently, in the way one does not to be rude.

"You like dragons?" he asked.

"Oh, yes. But doesn't everyone?"

He laughed, "I guess when you put it that way. Have you ever ridden?"

"No," a bit of hope creeping into her voice. Would he take her on a ride.?

"Would you like to be a candidate? We're secretly riding on seach. Secretly because we're tired of Lords and Ladies shoving their children in our faces. The ones they don't want on top of it. Your father doesn't have any marriage plans for you yet, does he?"

"I hope not!" Neriss exclaimed, her heart beating faster than ever before.

"Good, then I'll talk to him, " he points out the window, "The blue on is Moonvith. He brought you to my attention right from the start. I guess I was staring, wasn't I? But he was pointing out all the things that would make you a good rider. Like your height, and your health. But mostly because he just felt something. That's why we use him on Searches."

Later that night, Neriss was kissed her parents and siblings goodbye. Then she hoped up behind J'layle on his small blue (small! he seemed pretty huge to her!). She waved, as the dragon took her into the air to Prism Weyr, pants and all.

Name: Fayth
Rider: Neriss
Color: Green (female)
Parents: ???
Weyr: Prism Weyr
September 2000